Why You Should Hire a Security Guard for Your Construction Site

Construction site security guard

Why You Should Hire a Security Guard for Your Construction Site

Security Guard Solutions has been a leader in providing high quality  security services for over 15 years. Our number one priority has always been the protection of your business, customers, and workers. We are one of the top security providers in California and know the importance of keeping construction sites safe. These sites are very vulnerable to damages, threats, and burglary. If you’re a construction site manager, you need to have the very best protection for your job site. Keep reading to learn more about why you hire a security guard for your construction site.

Stop Theft Before It Happens

On any construction site, you’ll find hundreds of thousands, maybe even millions, of dollars worth of equipment and machinery. In order to protect these materials, it’s important to hire the best security to patrol and monitor the area. Security personnel can watch for suspicious activity and prevent theft from occurring, saving you the hassle of dealing with the aftermath of lost valuables. Potential thieves are often undeterred by security procedures like video surveillance, alarm systems, and fences, as they can often find ways around these methods. A security guard is in a position of authority and serves as a much more effective deterrent to possible illegal activity. In addition, a guard can stop a burglary before it happens, while a camera or alarm can only catch a criminal in the act. It is especially important to have security overnight, when workers and other vendors aren’t on the premises, as this is the primary time that break-ins occur.

Provide a Safe Environment

When you’re the manager of a busy construction site, it’s your job to ensure that all the people on the premises are safe from injury. This includes both authorized and unauthorized personnel, such as visitors, vendors, and trespassers. And if an injury occurs on site, you could be held liable for damages. A security guard prevents trespassers from entering the site, and they can also ensure that crew members and contractors are following all safety and security guidelines during their patrols. In case of an accident, a security guard can also assist with first aid until first responders come on the scene.

Stop Vandalism

Vandalism is a major concern on construction sites, as they are often more accessible than closed buildings. Trained security guards can prevent vandalism by monitoring the area and reporting suspicious behavior. Vandalism such as broken glass, graffiti, and litter, can cause damage to your structures and result in lost time and money. Security guards that specialize in construction sites know what to watch out for to stop these types of things from happening.

De-Escalate Conflicts

With such a large number of workers on a construction job site, it’s possible that you may be faced with physical conflicts or fights between workers. A highly trained security guard can recognize the signs of conflict and step in to de-escalate the situation before it gets out of hand. This saves you from dealing with injured workers, problems with law enforcement, or even potential lawsuits. You may even be able to receive a discount on your insurance by hiring a security guard, since the presence of one reduces the risk of injury on site.

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Ensure the security of your construction site, building materials, and employees by hiring a well-trained, skilled security guard from Security Guard Solutions. We’ll work with you to determine your exact security needs so we can provide you with the best protection. It’s worth the investment to protect your project and the people you work with. Call today to discuss your construction site security plan with our professional team.