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Commercial Security Services

Security Guard Solutions is a private security guard company in California with 20 years of on-field experience. Our Licensed security team of professionals is dedicated to protecting your businesses from criminals and deviants. From Auto Dealerships to Restaurants – our professional security guards protect what matters the most to you.

As a leading professional security company, we are committed to providing premium commercial security services tailored to your unique needs, preferences, and budget. Contact us now to protect your business with the best commercial security services in California today!

Security Guard Solutions

Our Services for the Commercial Zones

Security Guard Solutions offers commercial security services to various business settings. We provide diverse security solutions customized to fit your unique security needs.
security at auto dealership site

Auto Dealership Security

At Security Guard Solutions, we are aware of the importance of protecting auto dealerships. Our highly trained security guards ensure the protection of your dealership’s inventory and property from theft and other crimes 24/7.

Bank Security

Trust Security Guard Solutions to provide top-tier bank security solutions. Our vigilant teams are trained to deter security threats and to ensure the well-being of your customers and employees at all times.
banking sector security
excavator at construction site

Construction Site Security

Construction sites often attract criminals and intruders; therefore, they are vulnerable to vandalism and theft. Security Guard Solutions provides commercial security services to protect your construction site, equipment, and assets around the clock.

High-Rise Office Buildings Security

Security Guard Solutions offers reliable security solutions for high-rise office buildings throughout California. Our skilled security guards provide a vigilant presence to ensure the security and well-being of visitors and tenants.
High-rise buildings view
Cars in a parking lot with cloudy sky in background

Parking Lot Security

Maximize the security of your parking lot with Security Guard Solutions. Our licensed guards patrol the area meticulously, preventing criminal activities and providing mental to the patrons and visitors.

Research Facility Security

Research facilities house expensive equipment and confidential information, making them frequent targets for criminals. Protect your research facilities with Security Guard Solutions. Our trained security individuals implement effective security measures to protect equipment, intellectual property, and sensitive data.
Security guards at research facility center
film production equipment with green screen

Film Production Security

Popular film stars unintentionally attract obsessive fans and haters. Therefore, it is essential to have professional security for your film production setup. Security Guard Solutions offers specialized security services for film productions.

Hospital Security

Medical institutions like hospitals are prone to get targeted by extremists and criminals. Therefore, it is crucial to employ commercial security services for your hospital. Trust Security Guard Solutions to provide premium security solutions for hospitals.
Outer view of hospital area security
shopping mall top view

Shopping Center Security

Shopping centers house expensive merchandise and designed infrastructure, which attracts criminals. Therefore, shopping malls require specialized security solutions. Security Guard Solutions offers customized security services for shopping centers. Our proactive approach helps deter vandalism, theft, and other security threats.

Hotel Security

Guests visiting hotels are usually concerned if they and their luggage are secure on the premises. Ensure the security and well-being of your guests with Security Guard Solutions. Our professional guards are trained to overcome numerous security challenges, providing mental peace to both guests and staff.
Security services for hotel safety
Commercial restaurant with fine dining setup

Restaurant Security

Security Guard Solutions understands the diverse security needs of restaurants and other eateries. We provide unparalleled commercial security services throughout California. Our services help protect your restaurant from theft, vandalism, and other disturbances, ensuring a safe dining experience for visitors.
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Security Guard Solutions

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