Keeping Communities Safe with Residential Security Services

Residential Security Guard

Keeping Communities Safe with Residential Security Services

Home should be somewhere you feel secure, and no one should have to worry about security on the walk from their car to their door. Residential communities and buildings rely on private security in addition to law enforcement, especially with an increasing shortage of police officers. Keep reading to learn more about residential security personnel and how they keep communities safe.

Residential Security Personnel Are Highly Capable

Residential security guards are highly trained and well qualified. They are trained to manage emergencies and respond to a number of potentially dangerous situations, giving peace of mind to residents. All residential communities are vulnerable to crime, so it’s a good idea to have someone who can patrol, perform risk assessment, and identify potential threats.

Security Guards Manage Entry Gates and Alarms

Although there are benefits to entry gates and alarm systems, motivated criminals can still find ways around them. Hiring residential guards to monitor these systems is an effective supplement to your existing security. A guard station that is staffed 24 hours a day where traffic can be monitored is the best way to ensure the security of your community. This way, deliveries can also be closely supervised, and packages are protected.

Budget is Not a Reason to Sacrifice Security

Some community managers might think that hiring security guards is too expensive. However, you can easily find a security package to fit your budget. Budget is not an excuse to disregard safety, and experienced and vetted security guards are a worthwhile investment. Every resident deserves to feel safe at home, whether they live in a senior living facility or a high-end luxury building. Communities that work with a security company that provides guards report a reduction in crimes like vandalism and theft, and residents report feeling more at ease moving around the property.

Residential Community Gate Security

Some residential communities have guardhouses to control access and supervise traffic. However, due to guard shortages, many of these guardhouses remain vacant. Hiring private security is a good solution to this issue and ensures that the guardhouses are an effective means of security and privacy. Highly trained and experienced guards can monitor critical access points, such as the main entrance. They can also ensure that residents and visitors receive a first-rate customer service experience since they’ll be experts on the rules and regulations of the property.

Apartment and Condo Security

Apartments and condos are busy, with nonstop 24-hour activity. With crowded parking lots and multiple entrances, these buildings can be targets for criminals. Residential security guards are an asset to these types of buildings and can provide ongoing and continuous coverage at all hours. Security guards can also address other issues such as noise complaints and loitering. Investing in an established security company for your property is the best way to attract reliable tenants and ensure satisfied residents.

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If you own or manage a residential property, be sure to present the benefits of private security at your next HOA or board meeting. At Security Guard Solutions, we can provide you with the most qualified security guards and a plan that suits your specific security needs. Contact us today for a quote and to speak to one of our professional coordinators.